Journal entry – Confidently vulnerable

Being defensive really is the biggest obstacle to having a fulfilling life. Most people claim they cannot let their guards down thanks to some insecurity inflicted by some past experience and it deprives them of a lot of fulfilling experiences on the way. Even if not as a result of past trauma, most of us are simply scared of putting our hearts out in fear of rejection or hurt. This is commonplace and has become more emphasized in a world of social media where we’re not afraid of loud voices, but are terrified of being a rare compassionate/vulnerable one.

It’s been a little different for me. A significant trait of being (mostly) an extrovert is that we act first and then think; which makes us put our hearts out before we can calculate the consequences. More often than not we get hurt but I’ve come to learn that it’s really worth it. As long as we train our minds to be objective and keep learning and growing from experiences, no amount of hurt or disappointments can outdo the pleasure of fulfilling experiences that come out of letting our guards down.

‘To be confidently vulnerable is a super power’. Its one thing I’ve learnt over the years and one thing I’ll hold on to. No matter what happens in relationships in life, I’ll always know I’ve done my best and if it went wrong it wasn’t because of my defences. And every happy consequence put together is what really life is about.


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