On our own?

Do you believe we’re all on our own

After claiming we haven’t learnt a fragment of what’s out there

In space, in water and even beyond

For all the claims of limited knowing that we make

Do you still believe we’re just on our own?

Do you believe in the endless wild of the universe known to exist

Humankind is the epitome of intelligence

Of idealism and of existence

When the planet beside and the ocean within hasn’t been explored

Do you believe humans are here on our own?

Do you believe we’re as far as it goes

In terms of creation of life and intellect

In terms of morale and spiritual connect

In terms of talent and inquisitiveness

Do you believe humans are the best nature could do?

One day when we’d venture beyond the moon

And meet the universe and its greater experiments with life

Do you believe we’d be affirmed all our narcissism has been just

Or the truth of being but a speck of the truly immense creation

Do you believe would humble our infinite ego?


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