Journal entry – accumulated personality

Somedays, you wake up thanking yourself for having pushed yourself to complete things in the past. For having pushed through when your mind did not want to. Little things like completing boring assignments and submitting them on time. Like studying a subject that you knew you would never again venture into in your life again. Like cleaning your surroundings even when you were perfectly okay with falling asleep with a pile of unfolded clothes beside your bed.

One day, collectively, all those little moments of self discipline become the only thing keeping you going. They push you out of bed and ensure that your routine remains intact when all you want to do is sleep your days away and mourn whatever is causing the uninspired dip in the graph. That accumulated sense of self discipline keeps you at work, distracts you and eventually gets you through the hard times. It keeps your head high where it’s important for it to remain so.

It’s the little things that we do that define our collective efficiency one day. Even in terribly uninspired conditions if the mind agrees to read a book or take a walk, it’s a strong personality that can walk out of any bad circumstance. There’s no breaking it. It’s aware and self sufficient, and a blessed one.


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