Alluring call

Deny not an alluring call of an evening

Despite the sinking feeling keeping you in

Push your gut and move into the bliss of a sunset.

Even when the feet deny the weight of your body

And the heavy feeling drags you into the dark corner

Deny not the allure of an orange evening.

Sometimes, movement is all you need

That of the wind in your shabby hair and lashes

Of the birds returning from productive freedom

Of the sun turning the globe the other way

And the rustling of the coconut sheaths as they lazily sway.

How many philosophers more would it take

Before we hear it loud and clear

That the world is too wide for our concerns to matter

And time always heals no matter how deep the pain?

Deny not the allure of a simple evening

Walk through as the universe silently goes through its routine

Watch as the world, voluntary or not, turns with it

And wait until it can work on you its magic.


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