Earth’s romantic cadence

Each end of the day as the night silently falls in

Her dark, fearful eyes look for the moon

As she blankets her part of the world until dawn

She reaches out with cold hands for the moon.

The moon is where the night finds her solace

He alone seems to unconditionally love her company

The rest of the world loves and fears her

But the moon is her reassuring epiphany.

He moves with her to the part of the globe she goes

As she spreads around his universally loved majesty

And he shines calmly bright against her contrasting ethos

While she patiently endures this unfair travesty.

The moon and the night sing their song of love in silence

In eons of endurance of contrast in perception

As the two hold each other firmly blended & inalienable

They survive the waning and waxing anticipation.

Darker the night the brighter he shines

How profound is that existence of interdependence

While it’s also true they subsist without one another

The night and the moon are earth’s most romantic cadence.


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