Gods must be amused

Do the Gods need our protection

The definitions that we give them

The practices that we delineate to reach out to them

The endless wars we fight over them?

Did a God approve of the holy books we wrote in his name

Or did one disapprove of a path unorthodox

Did someone return from hell and warn the rest

Or did we all just envision it collectively?

Who exploited the force named faith

Defined it to the last bit and blocked alterations

And when time came for the clash of beliefs

Left us with just one ruthless option?

Faith is the strongest armour true

Only when firmly grounded are its roots.

If the slightest of winds send insecurities through

Is your God really what you believe to be true?

Do the Gods need our protection

If all said about Gods were true

Wouldn’t the Gods just be amused about now

Over how fiercely their dominion we prove?


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