Murder Mystery | Jennifer Aniston | Adam Sandler | Netflix

When you see Jennifer Aniston on a thumbnail on Netflix, you generally click because it promises to an entertainer. She’s mostly chosen scripts that reach just beneath the surface and end up delivering in terms of entertainment. Murder Mystery on Netflix, a 2019 film, categorizes in the same list.

A rather mundane couple end up taking a trip to Europe that is subtly funny and otherwise normal until they get invited to a yacht by a rich man who apparently hates his uncle for ‘stealing’ his fiancée. Things go downhill quite soon as the rich uncle ends up getting murdered and a series of murders follow, finding the couple right in the middle of the messy fiasco.

The couple, Nick and Audrey Spitz played by Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston, is just that average couple from America getting along just fine after fifteen years of marriage. But their fifteenth anniversary turns out to be this murder mystery that they get framed for just because they were present at the time without a former connection to the family and ends up getting their limits tested to the last bit. They even end up in a car chase with Aniston driving a Ferrari chasing a Formula One champion.

Most of the fun in the movie revolves around how Nick and Audrey cannot get on board with how rich their hosts are, both the dead and alive ones. They try their best to fit in, even with so much drama going on but the rich life seems to evade them as it keeps pointing fingers at them for a murder they did not commit. Until the end of course, where the self proclaimed detective Nick and the mystery novel enthusiast/hair dresser Audrey end up solving the crime to save themselves.  

The movie doesn’t try to be more serious than it knows it is. It admits to being silly, just breaking the easy going flow in order to convey the murder mystery plot and getting back to silly again. Even in grave situations, Nick and Audrey end up discussing the most random things from their life, adding a subtle humour element that sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t much.

It’s a fun watch for a leisurely mood. Murder Mystery makes you laugh and gives you something to ponder upon until the killer is caught. And yes, it’s a fun way for a couple to rediscover their fading romance!  


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