Choose you

The bravest thing you could do is choosing you.

It’ll seem like the isolated island in an ocean

A single stroke of light in a silent night

Or perhaps a lone warrior against an army

Valour lies in still choosing you.

Torn between not wanting to induce hurt

Or not wanting stand out amidst an unwelcoming crowd

Uncertain of standing ground against a ruthless world

You still have to make that hard choice and choose you.

Every other one you see follows the popular norm

Seeks and attains the cooler charm

But what entices you is far from the standard

More the reason you must go on and choose only you.

It’ll come with a wrenching sense of loss.

Perhaps guilt and even some repentance of sort.

It’ll be a hard way through the self sabotage

But when you come through,

You’ll be more than glad you chose you.


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