Stories of the sky

How much do you think the sky hears in a day

With nowhere else to go but the infinity within itself

How much do you think it stands patiently witnessing

And how do you think it yet reflects only the good?

From prayers for someone else to murders

From dancing in the rain to tears invoked by thunderstorms

From resolves to conquer the world to suicides

Celebrations of rare births to lasting mourning.

How do you think the sky still stands beautifully blue

Making space beneath and consuming endless sights

Joining dots and connecting invisible lines

Keeping secrets and witnessing prayers come to life

Reflecting its own vastness against man’s pettier strife

And yet staying kind enough to let him go by his life

Standing still as he reaches out and threatens to consume

Knowing in silence that nothing shall ever be as high.

Does the sky smile in sunshine and cry in storms

Lashing out on the endless dynamics of human and animal lives

How much do you think it takes into regard each day

How many incredible stories do you think the sky might say!


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