The unconventional love

Some blue moons in a lifetime

Love decides to go generous on you.

All the stars too seem to align

Just so you love the one that just as much loves you.

It hides right in broad daylight

From the ifs and buts of the social norm

And hidden carefully in plain eyesight

It escalates to levels of fulfilment you can see not.

Little instants where eye meets eye

And smiles escape those playful lips

And stealthy moments where longing cries

For kisses on the neck and heartbeat skips.

Where overt freedom is liberally granted

Beyond the social rules of love and longing

To express, extract and adore to death

Him, his persona and his hair locks dangling.

When love goes generous without intimation

And there’s no telling how long it lasts

I give in to this infinite feeling

Until I’ve felt all experiences that could be amassed.

In exploration of an idea beyond his comprehension

To the little one that overstepped his mark

Through you I’ve felt love extend its unconventional arm

And I’ll always regard this courage that let you embark.  


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