Journal entry – resisting expectations

It isn’t the best start to the day when you’re reminded of an expectation that someone has of you but it’s something you’re least interested about. Just when you assume you’re happy where you are begin slowing down to enjoy the pace of things, an expectation to soar higher and not remain stagnant is hoarded on you by someone you consider important. It feels like despite having done seemingly enough to currently be at a good place, a little bit of rest gives others the impression of lack of ambition. Whatever slow progress you have been making seems worthless and suddenly harsh motivation isn’t motivating anymore.

Let’s put the fact that ambition and progress are vital elements of a good life at the apex of our emotional curve. But it is so important that we take time to enjoy the fruits of our labour thus far as well. And when something seems to obstruct or criticise the slow pace which is apparently ‘unlike you’, it’s really okay to revert back with a shut up. When you’re aware enough that the pace has slowed down more than usual and you know you’ll pick it up soon, the slow pace or the comfort zone is not harmful; it’s just well deserved.

I think it’s okay to need and have unproductive hours in a day. It’s okay to sometimes postpone major goals because you want to enjoy the fruits of smaller ones for a while. And it’s really okay to let people judge you as being temporary disappointments because they believe you’re not in ‘form’. When you’ve lived an entire life living up to and exceeding everyone’s expectations of you, even positive expectations, and yet they seem to simply keep pushing you further, it’s okay to stand still and resist. Here’s to occasional resistance oriented in self love.


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