Night of the invisible moon

Like a fresh breath of wind through a lock of curls

Like the softest of a caress over a wound slowly healing

Like the touch on the neck of a cold string of priceless pearls

It felt when on your shoulder I lay reflecting.

Beyond Rumi’s ideas of right and wrong

 A moment materialized when we least expected

When under the invisible moon we sat along

And the vastness within on the night sky we projected.

How much of intensity a little touch accommodates

How much of catharsis could you make in one moment

As though all that defence around the heart long since awaits

That one moment of all cynical disarmament.

Of the many little things that form the big picture

This is one moment I know I’ll flag for life

For that ecstasy of subtly grabbing your finger

Was an unexplained sense of adrenaline overdrive.

Me, your pretty fingers in mine and the night sky

The unaccepted social norm that deems it all wrong

They don’t realise that atop their boundaries, the higher we fly

And hidden from their norms, to each other we belong.


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