The Good Witch – the addictive comfort of a small town

A number of web series and movies are based on the idea of a small town and all kinds of emotional attachments it offers. The comfortable and selfless relationships, moderately significant twists and turns in life, the cosy feeling of togetherness in festivities where quite literally the entire town comes together – it’s all just as heart warming no matter how many times we see it. The plot idea of executing a long story of a couple of characters basing them in a small town amidst a handful of familiar supporting characters has stood the test of time and creative influx.

Why so? I think it’s because it appeals to the fundamental idea that man is a social animal and loves to belong and to be accepted. A small town makes way for the formation of an easy, accommodating community that hardly ever lets a character go, even if he/she has been bad. Everyone (pretty much, unless you’re extreme levels of introvert) wants to belong to an accepting and happening social setting and series that play out on that instinct are very likely to be successful. Also, the more familiar the characters get, the more a viewer roots for them and easier it is to give them character arcs. Not to mention the ease of incorporating sub plots and sub stories that can keep the main plotline going.

The Good Witch that I have been watching on Netflix, I think, is one of the simplest of creative content I have come across and yet so engrossing. A protagonist has all the good things going on for her, comes across mild challenges that she tackles based on her extraordinary instinct and is very loved by everyone around her. Everyone either wants to be her, or wants to be her friend. She’s the centre of all the events the town organizes and all the challenges it goes through. It’s simple, beautiful and endearing – just what you’d want to binge on lazily.

What I personally found interesting about The Good Witch on Netflix is that the writers haven’t gone even a litter overboard with intent of creating an element of surprise or shock value. The entire series throughout all of its seasons flows with beautiful ease that really caters to a balanced mind. In that regard, I believe this series is one of its kind. It does not try too hard whatsoever, but wins anyway.

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