Don’t we all seek validation elsewhere

When validation is denied at the one source we seek it from

Don’t we all seek it at the most random of places.

In those 2000 followers on social media you don’t recognize

In the characters of movies that temporarily warm your heart

In those fictional books where love comes easy to that protagonist

Don’t we all just seek that same validation.

In a walk through nature where we hope some magic would happen

In a forgotten hobby we’re suddenly inspired to review

Or perhaps a pet that unconditionally wags his pretty tail at us

We grope at every possible sense of validation.

In an old friend that we cared not to stay in touch

Or a nostalgic belonging that hardly meant anything until now

And even that photo album we find the time to rummage through now.

We all grapple for validation.

When the one source we seek it from walks away

Leaving us feeling that sense of unprecedented lack

Every little source of validation counts beyond we’ve known our entire life.


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