Where your being makes sense

Look into my eye

Do you see the yearning for what’s impossible

For what I know shall consume me alive

And what I yet crave like its my life’s last strife.

Do you see I hold you, drag you, lock you in

When in real you walk away free as a bird

In the eye of my mind you’re all mine

Though of it to the world I leave no sign.

Do you catch that whirlpool sink in

As I soak up the sight of all you are

And know that tornado annihilates my life

Yet how my entire destiny I let it drive.

Do you see they mirror how I’ve loved you

Every night in my mind since I’ve known

That naked truth of how insane I crave you

And in longing the madness I give myself to.

Look into my eye

Perhaps the chaos shall call out to you

For there’s a world within, where your being makes sense

Open your arms and hurl into it, I dare you

Or perhaps

Look into my eye; and through it look at you.


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