Journal entry – soul mates

Remember that idea of multiple soul mates in Dear Zindagi? Sometimes it takes a small rejection to realize you’ve always been blessed with multiple soul mates in life and how incredible a personality trait it is to be capable of forming and fostering profound human connections throughout life. Some people, myself included (proudly), are simply connected to the rest on an extended level and enjoy the dynamics of human relationships on elevated stages. Something one must always remember to be grateful about.

After all, we are a collective existence. The idea of being interconnected to each other on one level or another perhaps isn’t the most convincing to some people but for the ones that it is, it turns out to be a major part of the personality. The ability to communicate, perceive, exchange and receive within multiple human relations defines our being a lot of times. And circumstantially, being and spending time with an individual/group of people who connect deeply to our identity is more facilitative to mental health than we know.

Not to get it wrong though; interpersonal relations, regardless of how profound they are and how much of an impact they have in life, are not independently a personality trait. Their origin and source of power lies in the intrapersonal relationship of the individual and how comfortable we are with ourselves determines how comfortable/ intense we can be with others. The secret to connecting and developing soul connections with others is undeniably being deeply conscious of one’s own soul and its ways of communicating with the conscience. And yes, it’s one beautiful revelation to have. Life is so much more comfortable and happening when relationships with oneself and a hand-picked few others are incredible.


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