Jane the Virgin | Netflix

A classic that does not try too hard is just what we need for a steady supply of content for everyday leisurely binge. Jane the Virgin on Netflix with its heart warming narration and simple yet oh-so-effective making offers just that. When I started out, I did not expect much from the show but it has turned out to be more than it initially promised. The family nuances and the emotions of them, the glimpse into Spanish ethnicity, a balanced amount of drama (which is a lot but is balanced for a series like this one), the subtle transitions that borrow from every single previous scene and begins a new scene with a relay like technique and the many experiments with narration are all things that add up to make Jane the Virgin a definitely recommended show. Of course, not to miss out on the cast that has taken its responsibility very seriously and delivered every little element to its most convincing extent.

Like the title suggests, it’s the story of a 24 year old virgin who takes her pledge to remain a virgin until marriage very seriously. Quite the challenge when you have an incredibly good looking boyfriend and a baby daddy rooting for your attention; but she does succeed. Nothing is too small, too silly or too much in this series – they embrace everything and cinematograph even the simplest flow of conscience in ways that definitely reach the viewer. There are plenty of cliff hangers and double the amount of emotionally fulfilling scenes; practically all that we can ask of a series worthy of binge.

Jane is a beautifully written character. A perfect blend of intellect, creativity, ambition, self discipline, family attachment and beauty, she makes for an almost perfect character but her few flaws keep her grounded and the story moving forward. Her imagination runs wild and keeps us entertained. Her failures contribute to her personality and give us a reason to root for her. And her life, though a simple one, gets tangled up in serious issues such as drug mafia and gives it interesting turns. Jane could be the girl next door as well as the distant idea of a telenovela character living an impossible life. That I believe is quite interesting and appreciable.  

I believe I will remember this series for the experiences it has given me, though when I started out I did not think I would. I seek out simple and interesting series like this one once a while just so I have some content to consume without having to work my brain over its hidden meanings and this has offered me that and more. Undoubtedly, recommended much.


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