Asking the atheist

I wonder if the atheist ever seeks meaning to life

Beyond his mundane acts of survival he’s obliged to follow

And in the many circumstances that are way beyond his control

I wonder if an atheist ever questions the purpose of all he does in life.

Forgoing the millennia worth of religions and Godly constructs

And the infinite preaching about the universe and its ethereal manifestations

Discarding the fancy ideas of heavenly acquisitions in life and in death

I wonder if an atheist is ever content with just what’s visible to his naked eye.

Denying the comfort of placing an unearthly force in command of life

Disagreeing the conservative ways of being that defined many a history

 In attempts of radically resisting spiritual support when provided any

I wonder if an atheist believes a cynical mind is the epitome of all creation.

Lethargic with the poetry and interpretations of planets and constellations

Inconsiderate to the changing colours of the sky and their spiritual interventions

Unaware of the steadfast power of heartfelt prayer every day

I wonder if the atheist knows he misses out on life’s most wondrous dimensions!

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      1. Just being cheeky. I’m an atheist and know many atheists and we all share narcissistic qualities. If you can’t see yours, that’s on you. But you’re clearly shrouded in self importance and think of yourself highly as you’ve responded to this woman’s work as if you know better and are better. No one is right or wrong, better or worse, more ignorant or more knowing. All of these concepts are human-made and therefor intrinsically perfect and completely flawed in finitude.


      2. I’m not buying this, Robyn. There is no reason to believe that you are an atheist, not if you wrote this “I think the atheists must all be narcissists.” This reveals that you do not think yourself an atheists. It appears that you are trying to retcon a poorly thought out false claim about others.

        If you are an atheist, then you aren’t a very bright one when you try nonsense like trying to claim an entire group as narcissists with no evidence.

        Now, you want to attack me for showing that your nonsense is wrong. I’m not narcissistic and that offends you for some reason.

        i do know better and am better than someone who tries to make false claims about others in order to pretend she is better than them by trying to pretend those that don’t worship a god like her are missing out on something.

        Many theists try these claims that atheists must be lonely, missing out on something, etc to convince themselves that they aren’t wasting their time.

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      3. Duuuudddeee sheesh, check your anger and reflect on that! It can’t be healthy in your real-life to carry it around and I mean that in a human-to-human way. We’ve all got grief and shame bottled up and disguised as anger or sadness.. it’s totally okay to feel but like don’t project. I’m not here to fight on some poets WordPress about what it means to be an atheist rn. Let’s drop religious conditioning and stop trying to one-up strangers through the internet. Also I don’t know if you know who Neitzche is but it’s kinda atheist 101 to understand narcism is a big part of disassociating from a societally constructed world that’s largely been governed by religion… focusing on the self and self’s experiences looks narcissistic —as reflected in the poem and the comment I made to simply sstttiiiirrr thought. Had I known I’d be messaging a stranger during my bored down-time I would’ve never made that comment. But now that I think about it, I’m pretty glad I did cause general conversation is always a delight and this macho-know-it-all-saviorism complex is fascinating rn. Anyways, best to you and peace in this coming new year


      4. Nice to see you using the same false claims as any theist does when you try to pretend i’m angry so you might ignore what I’m saying. Alas for you and happily for me, I am not shameful, or angry or sad. But nice try.

        For you not being here to fight on some poet’s wordpress comments, you keep doing that.

        Also fascinating to see you try to lump all atheists in with Nietzsche, just like so many theists do. And try to claim that your false accusation was just to “stir thought” when it was nothing of the kind. It was the typical thoughtless claim of a theist.

        It’s even funnier since I’m a woman, dear, to complete your failure.


      5. Yeah sorry I really regret commenting in the first place… keep up the inquisitive work💞 and I apologize for adding to escalation.. I reallllllyyy didn’t know it’d warrant these kinds of responses and yeah, I’m just gonna shut up now cause this isn’t getting anywhere!


  1. I’m an atheist, former Presbyterian Chrisitan. I’ve read the bible a couple of times, read the qu’ran, read the book of Mormon, read many myths.

    What would you like to ask me? A real atheist works better than your strawman.

    Let me answer your questions:

    “I wonder if an atheist ever questions the purpose of all he does in life.”

    We definitely do. My purpose is to be happy, to love my spouse, family, friends and pets. I am here to push humanity forward in my own little way. No god needed. All gods I’ve read about are petty ignorant things.

    “I wonder if an atheist is ever content with just what’s visible to his naked eye.”

    Yep, we are. It’s nice to play pretend that some magical being agrees with me and protects me, but that isn’t true. I much prefer the truth. What is visible is wonderful to see and think about. No god or theists needed.

    “I wonder if an atheist believes a cynical mind is the epitome of all creation.”

    Nope, we don’t, at least I don’t. I think that a inquiring mind is the epitome of the universe. Not atheists are cynical, nihilists or whatever theists want to pretend we are. I certainly don’t think some god made up by ignorant humans is.

    “I wonder if the atheist knows he misses out on life’s most wondrous dimensions!”

    Nope, since those dimensions you want to claim exist cannot be shown to exist. Each theist wants to claim that their religion/god is the “most wonderous” and none of you can show this to be the case.

    The colors of the sky change without a god or gods. And prayer does nothing. If it did, then every pediatric cancer ward would be empty and every veteran’s hospital would be useless since no one would need them.

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    1. Wow, firstly thank you for taking time to answer the writeup in such detail. I have a lot of conversations of this kind with a friend who is also an atheist. I would like to put it across that this was written with innocent curiosity and not as a judgment.
      I went through your blog and I see you have very interesting takes on topics relevant to this. Just want to bring to your notice that our experiences with God and religion may not be the same since my background is Hinduism. So the words like dimensions, purpose, cynicism and so on have very different connotations in my mind than I guess they do in your yours.

      But hey, your comment was a delight to read 🙂 I’m not having a go at atheists with this poem whatsoever!

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      1. Ashwini, Why do you think atheists are missing something in their lives? “I wonder if the atheist knows he misses out on life’s most wondrous dimensions!”

        what are these things you claim exist that I would not know about? And can you show that they exist at all?

        You use the same baseless claims about atheism and atheists as other theists do, including Christians and Muslims. This is what I find most interesting.


      2. I don’t know if you have experienced the festivals and religious celebrations of Hinduism. Those are the wondrous experiences I am talking about because the atheist friend I mentioned does not enjoy any of those like we do. I’m not talking about some invisible dimension. Just the real time experiences we get associated with religion here. Let me give you an example – if you have time, please watch this complete documentary. Its an example of the kind of wondrous experiences I am talking about.


      3. I’ve seen the various festivals of many religions. I do like the Hindu ones because of the lights and colors.

        An atheist can easily have “wonderous experiences”. They may not be the same as yours. Are they less for that?


      4. The thing is, I am closely related to a religious institution and witness the extends of human collaboration, sense of direction and collective conscience every single day. Faith brings people together like nothing else, makes them do wondrous things together. Its all because an invisible force that they believe in is holding them together.

        I’m not saying your experiences are any lesser. I’m saying that such levels of collective human experiences are very rare and its a pity some people miss out on them. Whatever your experiences are in life, I believe theists have them too.


      5. Faith also causes people to think that they are superior to other people and force their baseless beliefs on others.

        Humanitarian causes bring everyone together and no gods or baseless beliefs are needed.

        Atheists don’t miss out on collective experiences any more than theists.


  2. Imagine there’s no heaven
    It’s easy if you try
    No hell below us
    Above us only sky
    Imagine all the people living for today!


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