The three factors of reasonable fashion

Supposedly, fashion is a huge deal in the world we live in. It would be one thing if it was just a part of the distant glamour world consisting the film and entertainment industry. Fashion has actually outgrown the boundaries of the glamour world and made its way into the lives of every common man, most of the times in ways that people like me can’t make sense of it.

I’ve always been one of those who never understood high fashion whatsoever. When media and critics made comments on celebrity attire stating it was revolutionary or gorgeous beyond measure, all I have seen is a set of mismatched clothes, outrageous jewellery or flat and unflattering hairstyle. What about such an appearance was gorgeous to the fashion experts, I would never know. And honestly, I don’t believe I’d had a problem staying on the ignorant end when it comes to contemporary fashion.

As far as my knowledge and understanding of fashion goes, there are three factors that I can chalk out to classify an attire to be reasonable on a person.

Firstly, the attire must be extremely comfortable. The comfort factor rules out all other fashion mandates and justifies things that people might prefer to wear.

Secondly, it must be pleasing to the eye. It is granted that the entertainment world functions for this end result, and celebrities wearing supremely uncomfortable clothes in order to look surreally beautiful is something I could get on board with and appreciate.

Lastly, if the attire is neither comfortable nor pleasing to the eye, it can be called reasonable if it stands for something; or is designed a particular way to convey a message that might be important at the time. An attire can represent a standing, and in such cases, a designer needn’t bother about comfort or aesthetic appeal.

Sadly though, most fashionable attires I see on TV or social media don’t fall under any of the categories, and hence don’t make sense to me whatsoever. I can appreciate a good effort on appearance no matter who it is on. But most of the times I’m left wondering why after all they’d make a choice so demeaning to themselves and wear things like ripped jeans that are ripped all the way through or uncomfortable dresses that keep slipping down from every angle possible. The argument of ‘because they want to’ hardly holds good when an outrageous attire is carried on in the name of high fashion. Wearing things that torture the eyes and minds of the viewers just because you want to is not empowering whatsoever.

Although, it isn’t a hard thing to mind my own business for me so I’ve never made public statements regarding my blissful ignorance of fashion; until this post of course. I stay comfortably within the zone of the silent majority that never lets it out that we are just as judgemental as the harshest critics. Most times, it is a source of cheap thrills to view people make a joke of themselves in the name of fashion.


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