The pickle

The ones we hope would let us go

Never do at all

And the ones we wish would get as close

Hardly even make a move.

Why are human relations such pickle

Where we end up choosing ones that don’t reciprocate

And leave the ones offering the world heartbroken

As well as shatter our hearts in obvious ways.

If it ever was as easy

As falling in love with ones that do you

And letting go of ones that can’t care

A lot of scars would never surface through.

The heart wanting what it wants

Despite knowing what’s best and what’s not

Is one of the mazes we’ve all been in

But not one knows how its dealt.

So we let ourselves ache

Grieve and question our self worth

Despite there being souls that see through us

There’s no helping that vulnerable gut.

With time if only we can learn

That seeking validation is the worst form of self destruction

And its always best to cherish what life gives

If only the obvious answer was that simple in execution.

(Featured image take from Google)


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