The omnipresent alter ego

I wonder how many of us have a whole other world created within our minds that we resort to whenever our realties become not as favourable as we’d like. I often read social media posts about how a lot of people hoard their minds with fictional characters that are perfect in their worlds within the mind, and they are the protagonists of the perfect story constituting those characters. Seeing such posts and realizing that it wasn’t just me who created such fictional worlds within my head was indeed a relief, because I have often feared I’d develop some split personality disorder in the long run if this world inside my head kept growing.

But, turns out it isn’t just me, and almost everyone has an imaginary alternate reality in their heads that keeps them occupied. For me, this alternate reality is based on the wonderful books I read and the movies I watch, whereas for some it is based on their reality – they just alter a few details, make it perfect and continue the story in ways they prefer it to unfold.

I believe a lot of us keep ourselves sane with this kind of fiction playing within our heads. When things go wrong in the real world like they usually do, we resort to this alternate reality in our heads, shift the story in our favour and feel better. The Romantics of the 19th century were clearly given a lot of credit for being capable of resorting to an imaginary world and creating poetry, but I believe everyone in the 21st century is quite capable of the former part.

These alter egos of self within each mind in today’s world must be so much more colourful than the real world. A tour into the collective alternate realities within everyone’s head would be no short of magical, and a true testimony to the capability of the human mind to fathom the impossible and give it forms, at least as concrete thoughts. From this vantage points, human beings truly are incredible creatures.

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