Defining ambition with proximity

For a lot of youngsters hailing from rural India, ambition gets defined with the distance that they have to travel in order to fulfil it. Moving to urban areas has been, for a long time, an underlying requisite catering to the phenomenon of fulfilment of ambitions. And in a lot of ways, it still is.

While it is indeed agreeable to a large extent that rural areas do lack the infrastructure and opportunities that a young ambitious mind might require to fulfil her ambitions, in my mind the void is filled with different forms of opportunities today. I have been posed the question of why I chose to stay back at hometown instead of pursuing a national media job (I have a Masters degree in Journalism) a lot of times, and I have often struggled at providing a satisfactory answer to it.

But almost two years after that decision, I have realized it is one of the best ones of my life so far. And the answer to the question of why after all I made the choice of not pursuing an urban area based job has become clear to me. Initially I did believe it had a lot to do with homesickness, but turns out it is a much larger version of homesickness that inspired my decision.

Rural India is a treasure of cultures, traditions and heritage and I have always been drawn to such things, observe them, ask questions and write about them; especially those of Tulunadu (my home town). Staying close to such traditions while having the mental maturity to rightfully comprehend them; and having time alongside my full-time job to pursue them and write about them have been blessings in true form. And thanks to advancement in peoples’ media, no ambition of reaching out to the masses needs to be withheld these days. Located at a rural destination, one can make their voices and ideas heard on a national level, and I have heavily employed the same.

The very idea of investing time and effort to understand and document the elements of ambience I have grown up in, exceeds the idea of working a 9-5 job in an urban setup where I’d have to come home to a shared PG room lacking any homely feel. Not to mention the deep sense of connection I feel as I understand the heritage of the land that has so much to offer to a mind willing to de-mystify its ethos.

More so, the sheer lack of opportunities is in itself an opportunity to pave a path for oneself. A lot of youngsters are seeing this possibility lately and are opting hometown jobs over urban ones, which I see to be an extremely positive trend. Rural India actually has enough opportunities within itself that young minds need to explore, especially given the current scenario. It has been said before that the trend of young minds flocking at urban areas is not a healthy one. But with the advancement of technology and peoples’ media, the notation makes more sense now than it ever has. Ambition needn’t be always defined by how far one has to travel to fulfil it. It can just as well be defined by how far one takes what is accessible to her at her doorstep.

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