The fair share of disappointments

One thing that I have seen a lot of people struggle dealing with is disappointments in life. There are very few in the world, or at least around me, who seem to lose control over all they have believed about themselves when something goes the way they did not prefer. Dealing with disappointments in life, big and small, is a skill way underrated.

At 25, I’ve had my share of disappointments and I’ve struggled plenty in dealing with them; not realizing that I had been lashing out or acting out of desperation. That’s the worst isn’t it? Not even knowing the real reason behind our actions?

But the funny thing is that going through smaller disappointments in life regularly conditions you to it and slowly makes you immune. One fine day, you wake up a person who can be a lot more in control with regard to the same issue and finally know the roots of certain day to day actions. What I have learnt over the years is that acting out of desperation is quite obviously the worst thing we can do to our ourselves, seconded by lashing out at the people we believe are responsible for our disappointments.

Write it down, tell God, talk loudly to yourself and listen to sad music until you can cry your eyes dry – but do not ever involve other people in the process of healing from everyday disappointments. Yes, telling friends and seeking help is highly advisable when the issue is much greater but here I’m speaking with everyday disappointments that all of us face.

I believe that our cumulative responses to such small testing situations are what define our personality in the long. Do we lash out each time something goes against our will? Or do we stay in control and let it out in private? How well experienced are we at making lemonades when life throws lemons at us? That’s who we are. At the end of the day, a lot of things are beyond human control and all of us have to live through times that we prefer could be skipped. But how stronger they have made us is our true parameter to evaluating our own personality.


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