Do you anymore

Do you miss me like I do

Now that you’ve pushed me into giving up

All my advances at making you feel

Like the universe revolves around you

Do you miss me like I do?

Do you recall the words of my translated soul

That I brought to sentences that can appeal to you

Keeping aside all trivia of your incomprehension

And ignoring all red flags of your unstable behaviour

Do you recall how I loved your soul?

Do you realize what you pushed

The heart that left behind all else for you

The one who dreamt of a future so full

It almost was too good to come true?

Was that why you had it pushed?

Does it come back to you

The little moments that brought me joy

In your presence which was seldom there

And yet so cherished it seemed surreal

Do the moments flash back at you?

Do you wish you had it back

The love unconditional that you took for granted

And played out so bad it walked away unwanted

Even in pain wishing you the best

Now do you wish it came back to you?


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