Last night, I watched a thunderstorm.

Last night, I watched a thunderstorm.

At middle night when the thunder rumbled

And the winds began howling like the end of the world

I stepped out and watched that dangerous ballet of nature.

I stepped out to slip on the drenched floor

To regain my control only to lose it again

In the storm that raged like the wrath of the Gods

And the rain that poured like the sky was melting down.

The rain like the sky was melting down

I watched it with my poor pet who stood his ground

Wondering if his owner had lost her mind

To be staring at the thunderstorm in the middle of the night.

Staring at the thunderstorm in the middle of the night

Watching the rain and wind dance under that lone street light

While the thunder echoed and the lightning flashed

I stood like I had found that moment of extreme solace.

The moment of extreme solace when the mind goes blank

Because there isn’t a thought that can withstand the sight

The sight of nature raging at its strongest

We don’t know if its in happiness, anger or display of might.

Happiness, anger or display of might, whatever it be

A thunderstorm is a spectacle every eye must see

Because against the nature’s display of such splendour

The lack of thoughts is the best form of meditation there can be.


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