The insanely spiritual

Blessed is a mind that is insanely spiritual.

A mind that can find meaning in everything

And assume the universe responds to our emotions

In the colours of the sky and the direction of the wind.

Blessed is that mind which can believe

In a circumstance where most tend to break

Believe it all happens for a purpose

And one day we’ll see what was at stake.

Blessed is that soul which feels connected

To the vast wide world that most cannot feel

The soul which talks to things and elements

And in their intangible company can heal.

Blessed is that beautiful person

Who can put their faith in the higher self

And always find a purpose and a meaning

To atrocities questioned by all else.

Blessed are those capable of intense spirituality

In whose heads the universe responds

And whose lives are driven by its forces

From their energy all negativity absconds.

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