Why do we tend to love sociopaths?

After binge watching and being a hardcore fan of series like Sherlock, Money Heist and their likes, I’ve noticed that there is a strong pattern notable within the fan community. Also as a personal experience, I’ve noticed that we tend to fall madly in love with sociopathic characters created in such series, even more than we tend to love the normal ones. There are a few ‘normal’ characters that have been loved very much within the fiction fan base, but most times, the love for sociopathic characters is noticed to be obsession more than fandom.

Why is it so that the conventionally ‘abnormal’ characters are loved so much? And why, noticing the pattern, creators tend to write more of such characters that people can be intrigued by? Instead of the good ones, why is it that the socially malfunctioning characters end up triggering obsession among the fan base?

Keeping the good looks of the actors who play those characters aside, I could think of a couple of reasons why I have loved such characters each time I have come across one. When we fall in love with a fictional character we naturally fantasize about having them in our lives or us being a part of theirs’. And in such imaginative sequences, there are a few factors possible only with socially malfunctioning characters that serve our ego and provide a sense of narcissistic exclusiveness that we can definitely feel great about.

One, most characters that are sociopaths are unnaturally intelligent. It only means that such characters make intelligent choices when it comes to choosing a partner. And if I am that intelligent choice, I’d obviously feel too damn great about myself.

Secondly, the social dysfunction makes for an easy assurance of loyalty on the part of the character. Who doesn’t want that?

Thirdly, there is an obvious feeling of exclusiveness in being the only person loved by the sociopath who otherwise tends to be rude and cold towards people. The exclusiveness serves the ego.

Lastly, the promise of a life different from the rest. These characters clearly don’t lead a life that is anywhere close to normal or mundane. Being a part of their life is a promise that our lives will be exciting and adventurous too – something that most people love to think about.

Please feel free to add other psychological explanations as to why we tend to fall in love with characters that are sociopaths. These are a few that I managed to figure out based on personal obsession with characters like Sherlock, the Professor, Alan Turing and Joker.

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  1. There’s also a very prominent fanbase for the known-to-few character Joe from YOU who is a sociopath willing to go any extents to secure his place in his better half’s life/heart but maybe the very idea of being someone’s center of the world and have em by your fingers is what strikes to most teenage girls in addition to his impeccable killer looks ! I’m not a part of the “YOU fanbase” just an observation : )


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