The fool proof way to feel better when feeling low

Naturally, we all feel low at times. Sometimes it’s short lived and sometimes prolongs for an unreasonable time. Especially for people dealing with some kind of a loss or a prominent disappointment, feeling low can become an important part of the daily schedule.

When it is short lived, such instances pass off with one form of stimuli or another. But when we tend to be feeling low for days together, it becomes more and more challenging to find new stimuli each time to trick our brains to feel better. We receive all forms of advices – watch movies, talk to friends, try out new food and so on – but how many times can we manage to come up with a new way to convince ourselves to be distracted and happy?

It is a difficult process. But out of personal experience, I have found that there is one form of stimulus that is effective every single time. It’s not even difficult to create, and kind of has a lasting impact. The biggest advantage is that it can be employed every single time we tend to feel low.


I mean literally, physically move. When you tend to feel low, the best option you have at hand is to get up and move. Take a walk in nature, try out a few bad dance moves, work out, or run if you can; what matter is that you physically move for a considerable amount of time. You will definitely notice that you end up in better spirits than you started, which will last long and facilitate your mental health in the long run. Moving out physically is always much better than sticking to a corner watching movies or making phone calls. The movement, as far as I believe, gives the mind a sensation of moving away from whatever it is that we are upset about, leaving us in a much better mood.

This has worked for every single time and has helped me cope with chronic ‘feeling low’ syndrome. (Not a real title but definitely a real experience.) I’m sure it will be of help for others too.

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