The indispensable virtue behind success

Success stories are something we all love. But if we try boiling down every success story in the entire planet to one facilitative factor – I believe it comes down to a two-word virtue. No matter how hard I try, I’ve not succeeded in alienating any success story I know from this factor.

Self discipline.

No good has ever come out of lack of this. From a loved President of a successful country to a supermodel who makes people drool, there is a foundation of self discipline in one form or another that has made the success story possible. It might be so that it’s not visible from the high surface all the time; but it’s definitely there.

The digital world definitely has success stories that happened overnight, without a foundation of years of self discipline and hard/smart work. But if we look deeper into them, we can find that they have been just as short lived and shallow as the surface of it. Only the ones that have succeeded from persistently working towards the goal have lasted at the destination. The destination could be money, popularity, or even simple happiness after all. And when they face an obstacle, they perhaps fall back a bit – but there is always a foundation that they can rebuild upon.

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