The most accessible therapist

 “Let me in, without a shout

Let me in, I have a doubt

There are more, many more

Many many many more

Like me”

These are lines from a song I have heard a lot. I go back to this song every time I feel low, and the way it hits is practically emotional fulfilment.

And it continues in Hindi to convey the following meaning –

“I’m not the only one

Who walks around with open eyes but in a haze

I stumble a lot

And balance very little

And yet, there is no doubt

The sun that has set will rise again

It’s astonishing to say

But that’s just my world.”

Most times, meaningful music is the therapy that sets right an unbalanced mind. The very line that says that I am not alone, who walks around in a haze with open eyes connects me to that entire conscience of people who have been going through tough times. And conveys to me that we are all in it, apart yet together, and we’ll all overcome it eventually.

We tend to get lost in our struggles in life and start assuming that our problems are perhaps the hardest and without a solution. But lines like this, that reach us through an old song give us a kind of reassurance that nothing else can provide. Music has played the role of a therapist innumerable times for me. It is something we all can hold on to.

Here is the link to the above mentioned song. It’s from a 2008 Hindi movie named ‘Taare Zameen Par’.

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