Lockdown and the student community – dodging novelty?

As a part of the education system that is currently striving hard to stay relevant and active given the lockdown, there are a few things that repeatedly come to notice. No matter how hard you try, there is always a part of the student community that is adamant about channelizing the efforts of the system down the drain. A lot of times, this is a highly disappointing factor, but most times the administration and the teaching community choose to let it go ‘unnoticed’.

The country is fighting a pandemic and the education system is doing all it can to stay on track. Online classes, WFH assignments, video blogs and what not. But what the efforts end up responded with are troll videos on YouTube of students rampaging an online class, abused lecturers, failed timetables and at the least, a long list of absentees.

Let’s admit for a moment that academics are not the determining factor for life. If the students aren’t attending online lectures, they’re perhaps not ensuring a completely ruined life. Given that understanding, there is a little question that has to be put forth – what else are they doing?

Quarantine has given us so much time that the internet is flooding with ideas and useless trends to kill it. It is acceptable as long as the working community and adults are falling prey to these, but definitely not acceptable for the student community to forgo the efforts of the education system and indulge in worthless activities that are nowhere close to skill development or productivity.

There could be multiple reasons this blatant attitude has been trending amongst the student base. Other temptations such as binge watching web series or making TikTok videos, giving in to sheer laziness, or even living with an idea that online classes aren’t real classes and it doesn’t make a difference whether they attend them or not.

The underlying factor for all these factors to end up in students bunking online classes and even abusing lecturers online is the delusional idea that academic excellence is not the foundation for a healthy life. The student population is conditioned to believe that school and college life are nothing but a burdensome phase that is made the best use of only when there is maximum enjoyment. Thanks to this ridiculous idea, there is a large chunk of the student community today that believes in fun and enjoyment in life much more than hard work, excellence and discipline.

The end result of this conscience is seen everyday where youngsters are lost to employment or unsatisfactory jobs, a life on the verge of mental illness, and a largely a society of worthless people.

Online classes are in fact an opportunity for the student base to explore something new that has never been experimented with before, especially in semi-urban and rural India. The elevation in standards and the willingness of the education system to experiment and incorporate flexibility are something that none of us saw coming. And the best thing for the young generation to be doing is making the most of it and being a heralding part of an educational new age. Sure, there is an appreciable part of the community that is receiving and responding to the change, but it’s the other half that is bothersome. The lack of self discipline in a simple phase as this might resonate with much greater impact in the future.

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