The hardest sentence

Isn’t it the worst form of sentence

To be loved by many but the one

To have enough people make advances

But have the one we chase on the run.

Each day we wake up to messages

That could fill our day with love a lot

But rather rouse from bed disappointed

That the one that matters cared not.

To realize I’m doing to the rest

What he’s been doing to me

And not being able to help that feeling

Of being invisible to the eye I wish would see.

I try my best to value the love I get

And reciprocate the same as long as they last

But the void that the one has formed

No substitute has a blanket on it cast.

I wish it was as easy as loving the one that loves you

As easy as accepting love from where it comes

And not yearn for the one that doesn’t

And breaks your heart in crumbs.


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