Extrovert in love with the introvert

Extroverts are most times underrated
When it comes to emotional essence
They say we don’t really feel as much
And that’s why we go on speaking nuisance.

God forbid we fall in love with an introvert
And the struggles of a whole new level unveil
It takes twice as much the effort
To convey to them the intensity of what we feel.

Is it the impression that we’re all just words and talk
Or is it just the wall you’ve built around you
Either way, it’s harder than ever
There’s a conversation now long overdue.

I have to tell you I crave to break down your wall
And how much I yearn to breach your defence
I want you to know I can connect to your energy
And that I too, can blend in with silence.

Let me, love, to break that wall
And reach out to the corners of your heart unseen
I know your reserved emotions are meant for me
And to reciprocate in exponential ways I’m keen.

An extrovert can be an introvert’s match
When you choose to let us in
And in silence and in noise
We can be lost in the world beyond and within.

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