The most ‘uncool’ thing mistaken to be cool

There are a lot of millennials and teenagers I come across on social media who tend to put up a rather impressive profile, thanks to high quality photos accompanied by sophisticated captions. Sure, it’s a good thing and we are all impressed by them, until it gets way too pretentious to put up with. A lot of times, this struggle to seem cool goes out of hand and garners ideas from areas that they do not completely understand, but perceive to be ‘cool’ based on their modest knowledge of it.

The biggest prey to such teenage perception? Mental health.

I wonder why and since when mental health issues started becoming ‘cool’. Teenagers depicting themselves on social media as someone who has ‘been through a lot’ and sharing posts feeling cool about smoking and drinking habits is, as far as I can see, not a trend anyone must be proud of. Captions that go with certain posts such as ‘I don’t hide my scars’ or ‘Dead inside’ are definitely not cool coming from 16-18 year olds.

I wonder where this started from and who attached the ‘cool’ factor to lack of mental health awareness. First of all, most teenagers who post such things on social media are definitely not aware of the hazards of mental health illnesses or depression in real sense. Those who do, never advertise their struggle on social media.

The generation needs to stop throwing around words like depression and addiction. Anyone dealing with the mental health world comprehends how serious those issues are, and lives have been lost struggling with them. What the teenagers with DSLR cameras and stolen captions from Google are doing is making it harder and worse for people actually dealing with them.

Depression and addiction are not beautiful or sexy in real life. Maybe the larger entertainment industry has a big role to play in inflicting such perceptions on the millennial generation. High time we start discouraging such social media trends that tend to take pleasure in playing around with mental health issues.  

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  1. Strongly agree. Depression is not trendy and crying out for help on social media instead of confiding into your close ones will gain you nthg but a few sympathetic replies which won’t do you any good no matter how big or small the extent of your turmoil.

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