All this time…

When you came in at first

I didn’t think you’d come along so far

The first time we met

Wasn’t even the filmy romantic sort.

But here we are living acknowledging

Life’s wondrous unpredictability

The one that had promised a lifetime of togetherness

Left me on my own to explore eternity.

 I don’t say I’m the best with principles

But you make me want to tame my demons down

Not like you’ve made conscious efforts or anything

But your admiration feels like an accomplishing crown.

Here we are, at crossroads again

I have no clue what I must say for you to realize

That my heart has beat for you for ages now

And that I know I am the destination followed by your gaze.

You give me not a moment to make you see

That we both are just the same

That we both crave just each other’s company

And aim to walk down just the same lane.

I’ll wait for as long as it takes

For you to see I’ve known it all

That you’d love me for as long as we be

And that I’ve felt the same way all along.

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