The wishes of the night

I wish I could be honest about how much he matters.
How hard his silence hits
And how restless are the moments between his mediocre advances.

I wish I could tell him that I have come to love him despite the complete comprehension of impossibility. That I would break all rules and flee all boundaries if he’d decide to.

I wish he would, for a few good moments of my life, keep aside his regulations and embrace me. Embrace the heartfelt love, company and warmth I’d give him with all my might.

I wish he’d see through me, to realize how much the distance between us has impacted me; when it shouldn’t have. I wish he’d see the scars he has caused unawares that would take ages to heal now on.

I wish I could let him know he matters to me more than he’d ever know. And for one lasting moment of my life, I wish he’d see it, and take me in his arms and feel it too.

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