The lesson we loath

I see how heartbreak teaches more of life

Even though it’s a lesson we all loath

And I wonder why God decided

Broken hearts are a necessity for real growth.

Wouldn’t the world be so much happier

If learning came from love and success

We’d learn to protect what mattered

In place of mourning denied access.

Were heartbreaks always of this sort

Or did our elders know relationships better

Their learning of heartbreaks and pain

Are they left behind in some open letter?

I’d want to learn why heartbreaks are hard

Harder than physical pain

When relationships are life’s one part

Heartbreaks mustn’t have this much gain.

 Insignificant are the pains of the heart

In the larger map of life

But when they make an appearance

All else ends up a strife.

So tell me, if one of you knows

Why heartbreaks are of such scale

Even with the realization of life’s larger rules

This phase is painfully pale.

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