Of the island and the sea

Scary, yet comforting this feels

Maybe like a lone island feels in a sea

Like I might drown in you

Or in secret, you’d protect me.

Can’t let the world realize

That the sea holds the island deeper than they know

And each time its waves crash the shore

The island melts in love a little more.

I wonder if the island ever wonders

That there is plenty of its akin away at sea

How much longer until the sea has to wash it down

Or if it’ll discreetly forever let it be.

The island knows no world beyond the sea

And the dependence kills it little by little

The sea perhaps does its best

But each day ends up soaks it brittle.

It’s scary, like the melting island I’d be

Giving in each day to your sea of advances

And maybe a day would come where your tides would turn

And the island would crumble with subtlest of your nuances.

The lone island knows not the vastness of the sea

But its depths, it realizes and loves with insane strife

The sea can protect or the sea can consume

But without the island it harbours no life.

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