An important human trait most people lack

Success and subjective accomplishments see a number of obstacles on the way. But for someone determined to do good in whatever matters to them, technical challenges are actually blessings in disguise because they make us better and better. But what is harder to deal with is the knowledge that there are breathing people who might pull us down any moment. Not that they’d succeed or that they have any kind of impact – but the negative energy they emanate is an undeniable form of mental pressure that no one likes.

Most people seem to lack the basic ability of being happy at someone else’s progress. Whatever the reason may be – personal incompetence, delay in gratification for self, jealousy or sheer narcissism, the number of people who aren’t willing to clap when someone makes progress is always significant. But what is important is that for every person who has made attempts at bringing hard workers down or even bad-mouthing them over accomplishments, there is an achiever who has moved forward regardless.

As someone who has seen this happen a lot and been on the depressing receiving end, I have learnt it the hard way that it is an important human trait to be able to accept and be happy for others’ successes. Nature has its way of balancing things, and every deserving person gets what they deserve in their own time. If there has been something we have desperately wanted but never received, an arguably befitting reason is that whatever super-human force you believe in, never thought you deserved it. Excuse me if it sounds a little quirky but the belief that everyone always gets what they deserve is extremely facilitative to deal with negative traits like jealousy and narcissism within ourselves. No matter how difficult or disappointing it might feel, venture the courage and goodness to clap and be happy for someone who has achieved something. If we have worked hard enough for it ourselves, our ambitioned success will come to us in good time. If not, the rest of them most likely just deserved it for some reason nature saw but we didn’t.

When friends or associates display this kind of behaviour where they directly or indirectly discredit our achievements, it causes an undeniable kind of pain in the minds of even the most determined achievers. For people who might be already dealing with enough challenges in their way, this form of mental pressure is definitely unnerving. I believe we all must ensure we are self-assured enough to be happy at other people’s success. We’ll have ours in our own time. Until then, we can always be reliable support systems to the ones trying to do good.

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