La La Land – When artists fall in love

I’m a huge fan of emotions in movies. Advanced graphics and powerful story lines are great; but what I feel is the most difficult thing for an actor and a director to do is to bring out intense emotions such that the audience feels every bit of it. Surely, I’m undoubtedly one of those who well up easily watching emotional movies – be it happy or sad.

There are a lot of unpopular movies I have loved owing to this factor. And of course, there are some popular ones such as La La Land which I recently watched, and definitely loved. I later went to the internet to find out that the world loved it too, some people for pretty much the same reason as me and some for other.

Love is an intriguing subject, and the number of ways it has been played around with in movies is infinite. La La Land has conducted its own experiments with love, and might I just say that I found this one to be one of the most successful of all times.

Love, as far as my little knowledge about it goes, is the most beautiful, at least in movies, when two people involved are in some way – let’s say – mad. And if that madness comes from a place of some unexplainable love for a form of art, it’s an icing on the cake. La La Land is precisely this – two people insanely in love with their respective area of art – one with Jazz music and one with acting, come together to fall in love with each other.

I am no expert in Psychology. But, the ability to be madly in love with an art form despite not being able to achieve something great in it must be indication of immense core mental strength. Both the lead characters portrayed brilliantly by Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling have displayed that mental ability to love, effortlessly and passionately at the same time. The romantic moments shared by the two comes from a place of mad love for their respective art forms. That, I like to believe, is the most beautiful form of love.

Damien Chazelle and Linus Sandgren have brought out the madness in love in the perfect dozes throughout, and I don’t assume anyone finished the movie without yearning to be in such a relationship once in a lifetime. If one believes La La Land brings out romance in its best form, I believe it is only because it revolves around the idea of two artists falling in love. The movie is a must watch for anyone who loves romance and emotions. It is a benchmark for the possibilities of passion when two artists fall in love.

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