Quarantine realizations

The world sliding into the biggest quarantine experienced by far is smoking out a number of different realizations for different people.  While a lot of people are scared of the economic devastation that is to follow, a lot of us are glad that nature is healing big time in the absence of people. But I believe the underrated realization that a lot of us are having is the big fat void named lack of self-sufficiency faced by the millennial generation.

As soon as the generation was forced into quarantine, we have begun maxing out our internet supply with random networking posts, unprecedented reliance on OTT platforms and the endless surfing of all existent social media for content that can engage us. For one moment, imagine the horror that would be greater than the pandemic if the internet goes out.

The generation of today does not seem to notice the scary patterns of internet reliability which is making us practically brain dead. If not for the sources of entertainment and involvement that comes from someone else’s intelligence, we tend to quite literally go insane. The idea of self-sufficiency seems to be non-existent with the advent of Netflix and Instagram that can, in fact, keep us occupied for as long as we stay on it. This addictive reliance on such media has ended up making us lazier and dependant than ever before, and the lasting consequences of this are not predicted yet. With the stubborn usage of digital media for entertainment, what the generation is actually telling the virtual aids is that it cannot entertain itself. It is bored and boring, and needs the non-existent world just in order to remain in a sane state of mind.

Most of us aren’t capable of keeping ourselves engaged without the internet or the visual media that demands no involvement of the brain. Books don’t appease to the generation that is used to receiving entertainment and information without any kind of intellectual involvement. To state it plainly, we are clearly slaves to the virtual world that gives us the illusion of an easy life, consistently making us self-deficient and incapable of living without virtual assistance. It looks like we have already fallen into the trap but its never too late to be getting out of it.

The best ways to spend time in quarantine include books, gardening and any form of self development that does not include, or includes minimum use of digital and visual media. As long as the generation is capable of sustaining on the own, machines can actually be supplements. If not, Terminator movies might as well be the future. And quoting from experience, activities and hobbies that do not include digital media are much more accomplishing in nature, not to mention self developing. This gift of time we all have been given as the world battles the pandemic, if put to right use, can be a turning point from where intellect, creativity, productivity and self-sufficiency can take a boost. The world can always use people with such qualities.

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